Heavenly Seduction is a Must Read Book


Cherokee Billie wrote this astonishing book after living each page of it and you will not be able to put it down once you start. It is riveting. I started this book at 9PM and could not stop reading until 2AM. I was inspired after reading it as I realized how we are seduced into bizarre influences by advertising and religion. Reading about how the author was in love with a cult member and joined the group was fascinating: her struggles, emotions, and evolution are all here and how she got the strength to let it all go and walk her own path.

We all want to be loved. And I know you’ll be inspired to be the love you want after reading this book – if you read one book this month – discover Heavenly Seduction. You’ll be thrilled you did.

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CherokeeBillie.com check out her site, she has a powerful Youtube channel and information on psychic readings, connections and healings are here. I have been listening to her meditation and stress relief recording free every night on her Youtube channel and it always puts me to sleep. Sweet Dreams.

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