The Astonishing Ingram Family


Following After Trek

I met the Ingrams at my favorite restaurant in Pai, Thailand. I marveled at how happy the family was with two young sons eating lunch together, before I said anything. Then we started talking and I was astounded by their courage and heart-breaking story.

You can’t miss this book, by Jarrett Ingram, whenever I find a book that I simply can’t stop reading I have to tell everyone and Following After Trek is it!

Don’t miss it as this book will make you laugh and cry and give you wisdom on living life fully and totally from your heart. Jarrett’s experience of losing his son, Trek, their third child is told in vivid detail and I felt spiritually recharged and revitalized after reading his story based on the true life facts.

I have never met anyone like the Ingram Family. Overcoming their hardship; they are shining their love out to the world and we are fortunate to bask in their wisdom and grace.

Reading this book is like being with the Ingrams and experiencing their remarkable spirits.

Get the book here on Amazon, hard copy and for Kindle, and on Jarrett’s site.

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  2. Following After Trek is the best book ever written!!!!! When I read it, it was like I was right there with the Ingram family, it made me feel I was in there presence. The Ingram family is an AMAZING family!!!!! 🙂

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