10 Reasons to Quit Your Job Now

My New Backyard in Belize

10 Reasons to Quit Your Job Now

The Dalai Lama said, “Asians don’t know how to worry.”

He must have noticed that people in the USA are about to have heart attacks from thinking too much.

I have the solution. Quit your job and leave the West behind – spread your wings and fly!

Here’s my list to inspire you:

1.You’ll get younger (not older.) Studies have shown, keep learning

and you won’t age. Those brain cells need revitalizing.

2.Stress kills, quit, and find something you love

3.Go live in another country. It costs less than staying in the USA working.

For example:

My rent per month in 2012 in all the countries I lived in this year:

Belize: $450 for a shack – it was on the Caribbean Sea, folks!

Guatemala: $300 for a lovely house with private terrace overlooking Lake Atitlan utilities included.

Tulum, Mexico: renting a clean basic room on the Yucatan a few kilometers from the sea for $20 per night or if you like rustic, $8 per night for a hostel or camping on the beach, same price. I liked the beach until I got rained out.

Half Moon Bay, California $600 for 2 weeks for a small 2-room house walking distance to the glorious beach.

Bangkok, Thailand: fully loaded hotel room – AC, own bathroom, king-size bed, wifi in room, proper air flow, quiet and all for $21 per night.

Loei, Thailand in Issan. Room in guesthouse: use of kitchen, wifi in room, fan only, kind family, shared spotlessly clean bathroom, $6 per night.

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Guesthouse $12 per night; wifi in room, AC, fridge, good bed, Quiet.

Pai, Thailand Best Deal of the Year: $200 per month (incl. utilities) for my own house in Pai with a breathtaking view of the sunset, quiet, mountains, hot springs, and clouds floating by (no wifi in the house, no AC, I loved it!)

So the high cost is no longer an issue.

$200 US dollars per month folks!

$200 US dollars per month folks!

4. Don’t think about it – just dive in. Luangpo my meditation master and spiritual friend in Loei, Thailand says, “You thinking, thinking, you aren’t in Thailand. Look at heart, look at body.” It’s all about the moment.

Anything you have to think about for too long usually doesn’t work.

5. You discover the wonder inside you by slicing off the past.

There is nothing familiar: no anchors to hold on to — you are free floating.

I’m not saying the past is bad. Just that the Past is Over. The Present is where it’s.

6. What do you live on?

You live on your wits.

You can volunteer and receive room and board

You can give massages, cook, teach yoga/meditation, English, you can do it!

I currently, teach photography, yoga and meditation, write and shoot for Vagabond Magazine, and get hired to shoot photographs.

Set up a business for tourists – guiding, teaching.

Run an Internet business

Do the business you are doing now as a consultant from Asia, Belize, or Fez, Morocco.

Teaching yoga on the Caribbean in Belize

7. “I’ll do it next year”never happens.

Once you do it – you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Teaching Meditation in Pai, Thailand

8. OK you do have to pay back your bills before doing it. So did I.

Now I have one bill: for my storage unit back in California for my photography/art stuff, china dishes from my Mom, glassware and artifacts.

9. Being free is a choice. Choosing to be happy is also a choice. I choose happiness every day even when I’m feeling bratty.

Santa Cruz, Guatemala terrace of my home overlooking Lake Atitlan

10. Invest in your self. Rather than the stock market or a house.

Give your self the option of re-inventing yourself. Only you can do it – no one else will do it for you.

Dharmasala, india View from my bedroom

Jump in! Don’t think about it. Bathe in the sweet waters of wonder and awe.

Write and tell me what you feel and how you will implement your new plans!

Me, teaching yoga in Belize

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  1. Thanks for reading and letting me know you liked the content. Long term travel and location independent work and play is my passion now – let me know if you need help. My current issue of Vagabond Travel Photography Mag is in the itunes store now if you want to kickstart your world adventures! It’s an app for your ipads; latest issue is on Myanmar, if you are going don’t miss this as there are many things that no one will tell you about Burma. Check it out: http://tinyurl.com/byg76kx

  2. Hello. What a beautiful piece. I really love this. I left corporate America 3 years ago. After living the all normal american life ex. school, high school, college and then work i had reached the age of 30 and it hit me that for the past 30yrs I had allowed other people to steer the direction of my life. I was overtired, broke even though I was working 45 hours a week and miserable. Like most friends I began to use alcohol and drugs to help make this feeling that something was missing at bay. It was just about the Time when Eat Pray Love came out and my sister who knew that I was not happy called and suggested that I go and watch this movie but she recommended that I go by myself and so I did. With in 60 seconds I was balling. After watching this movie I went home that day and made a decision and with in six months I had packed a suitcase and bought a one way ticket to Chiang Mai. I could go on for days about the transformation that has taken form since then. I have struggled throughout the past three years first listening to family and friends that convinced me that this wouldnt work. Teaching English for only $500 a month and living like a hippie wasnt going to take care of you forever they would say. You have to save for this and for that. You can travel when you retire they said. So against my soul I returned to the states to save for my FUTURE and within 6 months I had managed to return to the same lifestyle as before but this time it was even less fulfilling. Me and my friends didnt care about the samethings anymore. TV bored me and the luxuries of life didnt impress me or my SOUL. Soon the heartbreak of the reality that I had recreated set in. I had left my dream. A simple house surounded by nature, a job working with the most amazing teacher and students at a local Thai Kindergarten and amazing friends. For several weeks I spent sleepless nights crying and praying to find a way out of this. I was so angry that I allowed myself to choice the paths of other peoples opinions. A good friend stopped me in my tracks one day during a phone call where I was have a pity party for myself. He said Sara “Breathe” He told me to begin mediating, a regular practice of mine that had dwindled to NEVER. He told me to set a clear intention on where I wanted to be and what I wanted. Wtihin days and weeks things started to become very clear and within 8 months I had booked my ticket back to Chaing Mai. I will be returning to Thailand in December to set out on the journey of my life that I always knew existed for me.

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