One-Way Ticket to Hawaii


My Mother in Oahu 1959

My Mother in Oahu 1959

The first time I heard about Hawaii I was 3 years old.

My mother was bathing me in the huge porcelain tub in our150 year-old house in Canandaigua, New York near Canandaigua Lake. Where I grew up.

She and my Dad would be going there for 2 weeks and I said, “Can I come too?”

My Mom smiled, explaining that this was a special trip for them.

I never saw my Mom and Dad happier than in the photos they brought back of them in Oahu in 1959.

Mom said I would be going to Grandma’s house with my sister Vicki. Barbara and Nancy would go to Buffalo, New York to Nanna’s house. My Mom’s mother.

 I wanted to go to Hawaii.

My Dad in Oahu 1959

My Dad in Oahu 1959


But I loved going to Grandma’s house in Baldwinsville, New York outside of Syracuse. She let us play with her tiny porcelain figurines. She had Snow White and the 7 Dwarves! And even when we got rowdy and broke off a finger or foot she still let us play with them even though we were warned this would be the last time.

It never was. She always let us play with the dwarves again. Happy was my favorite.

So Hawaii stayed stuck in my mind and soul. I didn’t even know exactly what an island was being landlocked in Syracuse but I knew I wanted to go there.

It took another 40 years to get to Maui. When I got there I never wanted to leave.

It’s one of my big dreams, a yearning I’ve had since being 3 years old. Today I felt a stirring of it again.

There is a mystical quality about the air in Hawaii – it’s always clean and pure. As soon as you land you take a whiff of it and feel celestial. I’ve never inhaled air like that anywhere else.

Whales and dolphins live there. The beaches aren’t dirty. The sky is breathtakingly blue with puffy white clouds.

Yes you can find clean beaches in other countries but there is a magic I have never witnessed anywhere else quite like I have on Maui.

It is the farthest landmass from anywhere else on earth. Made entirely of volcanoes. Now right there, that is ethereal.

Now I feel a calling to go there.

I am deliciously excited about it holding the thrill in my heart. It’s coming towards me and I love it.

A secret I will keep inside a little longer and fan it with the flames of desire.

Something in my heart is calling me to Oahu.

My motorbike crash jolted me awake. After I flew off my bike and landed on the road my eyes popped open along with my helmet catapulting off.

This life is all I have and I gotta live it – completely and with no regrets. Live the dream and do it. Find out! Explore. See what the meaning is.

I bought my ticket. I’m leaving Thailand on December 3 and flying to Oahu.

Doing cartwheels in my bedroom here.

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