How to Live in the Jungle


This is what happens when you live in the jungle.

Geckos hang out on your coffee cup in full view of human beings.

Mr. Gecko wants a sip of water and does not care that you don’t want to share.

Yuck. And they leave droppings around the house too.

And now for the chicken mite incident.

One night I was minding my own business sleeping in bed. Suddenly I noticed I had company.

Creatures were biting my feet. Then my knees. Continuing the journey upwards to my thighs.

No, it was not seductive. So I went and slept in my car.

Chicken mites had invaded the farm!

Damn dumb chickens. I pay rent, they don’t.

I moved out.

It took poison, several days of spraying, and finally I came back to my cabin in the woods.

I live here now.

But the thing is, here is what is right down the street.

and this…

So deep down past the chicken mite bites beats the heart of a happy girl.

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