Playing with Wild Dolphins

Wild Dolphins in Hawaii

Yes its true, my neighbors are wild dolphins.

They are friendly and playful, speedy and elegant.

When I’m swimming with them here in this sacred place, Kealakekua Bay and Honaunau Historical Park I forget I’m not one of them. Swimming with them in 100 feet of cobalt water it just slips my mind that they are a different mammal all together.

My body and heart love this new friendship. My mind floats into the ethers while I’m swimming in their pod.

It changed my life to be with wild dolphins.

Their radiance lit me up and made me sparkle. I’m a happy girl in a turquoise bikini plunging in the crystalline waters every morning at 6:30AM to see if the wild dolphins have showed up.

You can’t make an appointment with them. But you can be alert and awake at 5:30AM ready for them to appear.

My body just wakes up and heads out the door now, I follow along as it leads me to the water’s edge, the actual Pacific Ocean of mightiness and magnificence.

Feeling blessed that I’m here, don’t want to be anywhere else. Bliss.

Come join us in July to swim with Wild Dolphins and learn how to use your camera (any camera) to get incredible photographs.

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Yes the dolphins come right up to you and are inches away. Come to the Big Island of Hawaii and taste the amazing air and see the wonder, awe and grandeur of the most remote chunk of land in the world. And get incredible photographs of it to bring back and dazzle your friends.

July 25, 26, 27


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