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How to be a Coffee Addict

You can’t be on the Big Island of Hawaii and not drink the 100% amazing and outrageously delicious Kona coffee.

Naturally I became addicted.

It’s up to us locals to enthusiastically support the coffee farmers here. They work hard to make sure our coffee drinking experience is at its zenith.

We can’t pretend we don’t notice. We have to support them.

It’s like fine wine in the Napa-Sonoma Valley in Northern California. Each winery produces distinctly different bouquets of wine and its the same with coffee farms here.

Each coffee farm has a signature taste and so the fun thing to do is try out different farms until you hit gold and stick with your favorite beans.

Don’t leave home without your cup of java, it always puts me in a good mood. And unlike any other drug, caffeine fits in to anyone’s schedule and isn’t illegal.

We always have time for coffee.

In India and Nepal there’s always time for chai.

But in the USA the drug of choice is coffee, and I am doing my part to keep those farmers in business.

The Big Island of Hawaii has the best coffee, check it out.

Kona Coffee on the Big Island

Kona Coffee on the Big Island

Best Things to Do on the Big Island, Hawaii


Volcano Pink Glow, Hawaii

Don’t leave the Big Island without seeing our volcano. 

Here’s the hot pink glow from firey lava oozing under the earth.

Yep this is no Disney moment or photo-shopped illusion, this is the real deal.

No it has not exploded. It’s been 4500 years (maybe 6000 years) so don’t worry.

We live here and forget all the time that it could blast open again.

But lets just enjoy the lava tubes, Mauna Kea, and sublime snorkeling for now.

And the sunsets, don’t miss any. Each one is spectacular.



I’ve been here for 4 months and have barely scratched the surface but here’s my list:

Snorkeling at Kealakekua Bay or City of Refuge at Two-Step with the wild dolphins.

Sipping Kona coffee, it’s grown here.

Beach frolicking.

Mauna Kea adventure to be above the clouds and see the summit.

Eating fresh mangos grown on the island.

Visiting lava tubes.

We live on rock hard lava! And that is why the farms are amazing here. Who knew that lava was fertile and fabulously rich in veggie and fruit nurturing?

Want to discover more about how to be a local here?

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