Secrets of Kauai

Secrets of Kauai

Learn Yoga and Photography with Any Camera

Dates vary: Apply for your private training October to September

3-Day or 5-Day Intensive

Call me 808-542-4566,

or email, [email protected]

Escape the city, relax and refresh your soul on Kauai, the pristine, sacred, and undeveloped island of Hawaii where no building is taller than a coconut tree.

Learn how to get the best photos you’ve ever taken, shooting from the heart.

Anini Beach,

Don’t read the dry camera manual, join me and have a spectacular time discovering and shooting power spots on Kauai even if you’ve never picked up a camera before.

Each day will be different starting with Yoga and Meditation under swaying palm trees on a bright green lawn next to your oceanside luxury accommodation.

Or you can sleep in if you like, this is your private retreat for you solo or with a friend/partner.

Poipu Beach

Poipu Beach

We will explore, discover, eat delicious food, and be astounded at the lush landscapes and stunning shores of Kauai.

What Shirley Wu said after her 4 Days of Yoga and Photography Guidance:

Optional Morning Yoga, it’s guaranteed you will recharge and transform doing kundalini yoga and meditation every morning. Even if you’ve never done a pose before. 

This session is not for advanced yogis, it’s for beginners. But if you’ve been doing yoga for a while, I am a certified instructor and can inspire you more deeply with your practice.

Yoga blooms open your heart. You’ll enjoy the day more fully and get that little kid ecstasy feeling.

Yes, you get the benefit of teachings I’ve learned and practiced from saints and meditation masters in Thailand, Nepal, and India.

Private Retreat Waimea

Private Retreat Waimea

This is not only about learning photography and yoga, it’s a kick in the pants for your spirit that will open your world to a new you and change your life.

This is what Kauai did for me and this is why I live here now.

You’ll discover the power places of enchanted Kauai, the most gorgeous island in the world. Yes it will all be revealed to you from a local who loves living here.

Contact me for more information and to schedule your 3 or 5 day retreat at a time that is good for you in the next 6 months:

Phone: 808-542-4566 in Hawaii HST

Email: [email protected]

Who Am I?

I’m an author of 4 books, award-winning photographer for 27 years, and educator in Silicon Valley and worldwide.

I’ve led programs at Stanford University, Apple Computer, Intel, and globally.

You’ll get the benefits of the photography business I founded in Palo Alto, California in 1985 shooting for $500 per hour, down the street from Steve Jobs. I worked with clients from Apple, Intel, Yahoo, Google, and the lawyers, angel investors, doctors, CEO’s and realtors who lead and inspire Silicon Valley.

All my secrets are revealed in my private sessions.

It’s guaranteed you’ll see improved results in your own photos, learning my tips from photographing people and nature in 32 countries. And it’s fun!

What People Are Saying About my Photo Safaris and I am Loving It.

Where will you sleep?

Direct Oceanview Deluxe Studio

Your deluxe room is included in your private retreat. You don’t have to hassle with searching for the perfect spot to stay, this is it!

Here is the view from your private lanai, above.

In the afternoon/morning we’ll be visiting potent power places on Kauai.

Hanalei Bay,

Secret Beach in Kilauea,

Ke’e Beach on the spectacular North Shore,

Poipu, on the south side…

Does this appeal to your sense of adventure? Join me!

You’ll get the benefits of living life here as a local. But with deluxe accommodations by the ocean in a stunning setting.

After your heart-expanding yoga session, we’ll discover remarkable, secluded places and learn how to mindfully capture the incredible nature here with any camera you have. Angle, Light, Composition and Timing are the focus, not Photoshop or fancy digital trickery. Nope!

You can shoot with a digital or film camera, point and shoot, or DSLR with all the bells and whistles.

It’s guaranteed you will return home with amazing photographs.

You’ll be visiting Ke’e beach, a sacred Hawaiian (Hay-ow) where we’ll swim, snorkel, and enjoy the Bali Hai cliffs around us. And Polihale State Park, the longest pristine beach in Hawaii.
Allerton Garden,

Allerton Garden,


We are all flowers on this earth and we need open space around us.

You’ll get that here. And smiles are plentiful on this island.

Come with me to catch the seductive effervescence of ocean, sky, and emerald green cliffs. Serene places, stunning nature, waterfalls, and art walks in picture perfect tiny towns, Hanapepe Art Walk, and dinner at Hanapepe Cafe which is only open Friday night.

Yoga and meditation every morning under swaying palm trees on an emerald green lawn.

Or you can sleep in.

Easy photo walks every day and I do mean easy of Kauai’s incredible and stunning power places.

April to October private retreats are available

3-Day or 5 Day personal retreat

Your private retreat on Kauai includes

Oceanside deluxe lodging. 3 nights.

All yoga/meditation, photography, and guidance

Bon Voyage drinks and pupus for a divine sunset at the St. Regis on Kauai photo below 


5 Day Retreat


Testimony from the last private retreat I led here on Kauai:

“It was the best vacation we’ve ever had and I never would have gotten the amazing photos I got without you.”

– Obie V.

“It transformed my life.”

– Shirley Wu

Write me at [email protected] for details.

Or best to call me in Hawaii, 808-542-4566, you’ll get a real live human on the phone, me.

More Praise from private photography sessions with me:

“It made me see in a new way.”
– Satya, Spain
You are a great teacher!”
Kristin Adolf, Germany
“I learned so much today, I’m inspired.”
V. Geronton, France
By clicking the button below you will be brought to the payment gate where you can use your credit card. Or paypal. Happy to see you in paradise! We can also do credit cards over the phone or a check if you prefer. See you next month.Call me 808-542-4566, or email, [email protected]

And you’ll get plenty of time for rest and relaxation too.

North Shore Kauai

North Shore Kauai

Aloha and Blessings,


PS. Ready to discover your true north? Come to Kauai!














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  2. Mary is a wonderful person she is a kind, loving and generous person that treats everyone like they are special. I feel blessed to have Mary as a friend. So will you when you visit her on the the island of Kauai!

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  6. Hello – I have been intrigued with your photo safaris for years! This is the year I must meet you and spend some wonderful time in some delicious place! What are the plans for July? I would like a week. For a gift I was given time at a spa. I am not a spa women -don’t like to be pampered!! I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

    • Dear Carolyn,
      I just got your message this instant. I am so happy you want to come. I am leading personal retreats now so I schedule them when it is convenient for you to come. I have not checked the comments in a while so that is why I did not respond until now. We can do the retreat two different ways. Here are some options.
      If you would like me to book your room, for you I can do that.
      You also have the option of booking your own room. Here is what it includes:
      7 nights in an ocean side room on Kauai.
      All private photography, yoga, and meditation guidance
      1 massage ocean side
      Spectacular sacred power spots every day!
      Let me know your phone number and I will call you with the details.
      Would like to talk this week as things get booked up in July.
      Aloha, Mary
      July is a perfectly amazing time to be here!

  7. PS Carolyn, I see you have your room booked all ready and we can do it that way as well – you will have an incredible, juicy, inspiring, and change your life time here!

  8. Hello! No I don’t have a room booked – never even tried to book a room! – hmmmm, some other Carolyn jenkins is in my parade???

    Our schedule changes often! I am now looking at my calendar and I can come any time in September. Living in Carmel-by-the-Sea brings people out of the woodwork and to my

    So yes, I do need a room and send me what else i will owe you and I will get a check promptly into the mail for you!! Thank you so much and i am really looking forward to this!!

    • Hello! No I don’t have a room booked – never even tried to book a room! – hmmmm, some other Carolyn jenkins is in my parade???

      Our schedule changes often! I am now looking at my calendar and I can come any time in September. Living in Carmel-by-the-Sea brings people out of the woodwork and to my

      So yes, I do need a room and send me what else i will owe you and I will get a check promptly into the mail for you!! Thank you so much and i am really looking forward to this!! My phone # is 831-250-7592. See you in Sept, Carolyn Jenkins

  9. Hi Carolyn, Happy you are coming. I will give you a call tomorrow on Thursday, and we can discuss details. I remember you said you would like to do a week. You will have a wonderful time, guaranteed.
    I’ll call you in the morning.

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  11. Meanwhile my husband booked 3 weeks visiting friends on the East Coast (July is NOT the time to go – hot as____________! Now I am back home and will be until November! What plans can I fit into in September or October? I would prefer late Sept. or any time in October.

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