Discover the Best of Big Island, Hawaii

You’re going to Hawaii Island? Don’t leave home without this book. 

If you have limited time on this magical amazing rock of lava check out how to navigate it, Kick Ass Kona, the best beaches, how to do Volcano National Park, what to eat and much more.

I wrote this book so my friends would not waste time on non-stellar stuff when the fun and stunning things to do that I learned from living on the Big Island are right here at your fingertips for you. Prepare for a drop dead wonderful vacation.

You may never want to leave.

Kua Bay on Big Island

And this book is not too wordy. It’s filled with my best photos and secrets – but here’s some advice right now.

1. You must drive around the island. I took 2 weeks to do it but you can do it in less time.

2. Stop and talk to locals. They are very friendly, nothing to be scared of.

3. Eat poke, ahi tuna fresh from the sea, raw and mixed with sesame oil and spices. WOW.

4. Swim with wild dolphins, not at the Hyatt where you pay $400 for 20 minutes of petting these jailed mammals. Heinous. Go to Two Step at 7am and you might see the dolphins there. I did. Photos are in the book.

5. Become a coffee addict. Why not? You’ll be in the middle of the best coffee farms in the world. Kona coffee on tap people; bring your mug!

Kona Coffee on the Big Island

Kona Coffee on the Big Island

needs booze with coffee this amazingly outrageous?

Here’s the link, check it out.

Electronic and print versions available.


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  1. Hello Mary, I recently ordered your book I found it through Barnes and Noble. We will be in Kona Feb 10th-24th. This will be our 2nd visit. last visit only spent 5 days on the big island. We did rent kayaks and went out to Capt. cook monument. The dolphins were there. It was amazing, but we are hoping to swim with them also. Just wanted to say I loved your book and look forward to going on adventures and seeing more of this wonderful paradise. Sincerely, Trish Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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