What No One Tells You About Hawaii



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Yes you can escape the crowds in Hawaii.

The beach above is a secret, close to racing cars that you can’t hear from this protected golden sand sanctuary.

You have to be a local to figure it out or know a local.

Locals will tell you where to go, the places everyone knows about. But they will not tell you their secrets, unless you stay here a while.

I smile to myself when people on other islands or on the mainland say, “Kauai is so small,” like that’s not a good thing.

It looks small but it is vast. I have now been here for 6 months and this island gets deeper and m ore profound the longer I stay here. Many places I explore here even locals don’t go to. They know about it but have not been yet.

It depends on how you feel. If you feel like being on a wonderful beach that tourists know about you go there when it’s empty. Seeing the sun rise or set is a stellar show. Or you go with other people and all of you are sprinkled with the sparkle of enchantment.


It’s the best show on the island. The above photo is Poipu on the Beach House restaurant’s emerald green lawn.

Don’t tell anyone I told you but you can bring a glass of wine here and discreetly drink it – no problem. It’s a picnic spot that not many people know about.

When you become a local here, you get a kama’aina discount. And if you are not a local the vendor will ask for your ID so you really have to be one to get a percentage off on what you are buying or renting.

More secrets to come.

The best thing to do now is come here and discover it yourself.
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