Siem Reap Cambodia

Best place to sit down, relax under pepper trees (that Cambodia is famous for)
and work online, write, rely on strong wifi.

Peace Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant that has a lovely garden to sit in and great food.
You’ll be thrilled to find it. I would bike here from Rosy’s Guesthouse every day to get some work done.

Rosy’s is the best guesthouse to stay at in Siem Reap and its not far from Angkor Wat.

Don’t even try to find another place to stay – this guesthouse is top notch and at a price you can afford. Great internet connection, restaurant on site, and good rooms with air conditioning.

It’s on the canal, you can easily get to Angkor Wat from there.

You will love it!

angkor wat cambodia

angkor wat cambodia

Solo Travel for Women Best Places

Just do it!

Have an urge in your heart to get up and go?

Don’t let yourself be held back by fear and worry.

Here are exotic places to go where you will feel safe and happy being solo.

There are so many benefits to being on your own:

1. You control the time you have. If you want to volunteer or go to the largest religious monument in the world to take photos and soak up the serenity there’s no one to disagree with you. I went to Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Yangon Myanmar 5 times and each visit was a spectacular gift. I didn’t feel the need to rush as I knew I would return again, just like a local.

2. You meet more people when you are solo. You aren’t solo for long unless you want to be. A solo woman is a magnet. You just have to decide who is coming into your private bubble and who is not. Not everyone gets the gift of your attention. Trust your gut.

3. You can decide to travel forever or for a month, there is no discussion. You just do it.

4. Gearing up for a big life-changing trip? Get advice, research plane tickets, and look at travel books but then trust your intuition and go for it.

5. An amazing way to do it is to volunteer your services in a place you would like to be. But don’t pay a lot of money to volunteer. What I do is show up in a town and start talking to people about my skills for volunteering. It always works. You just have to take a chance and leave without plans.

6. If you want some advice, I consult with travelers on their plans.

Get out there and live full throttle!

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