Secrets of Nepal


Is Nepal calling you? Now is the time to go.

Kathmandu Valley is brimming with UNESCO World Heritage sites and friendly Nepali people who offer their food and friendship to you every day.

You’ll walk on ancient cobblestone streets to stunning temples in the incredible Himalayan light that is guaranteed to knock your eyeballs into a new orbit.

Monasteries, sacred ceremonies, and women wearing gorgeous eye-popping dresses ignite your senses as you wake up hearing the tinkly sound of temple bells and catch the aroma of flowers in a cascade of offerings.

Puja in Bhaktapur

Many of you have asked me about going to Nepal. You’ll not get a better opportunity than now to see Nepal in all its mesmerizing beauty.

I’ve traveled in Nepal 4 times since 2006 and most of it was solo. It’s a rare gem of a country with a culture that won’t quit feeding you, sacred sites galore, and most impressive–the amazing and kind people I’ve met there.

Unlike what you hear in the media, Nepal has not been destroyed by the earthquake. I know this because my son Wolf Price lives in Nepal directing the social venture he founded, Beyond the Four Walls.

His foundation empowers women with education, shelter, and jobs, his love of Nepal ignited my love for it and now you’ll fall in love with it too.

We’ll be walking over there from the comfortable Peacock Guesthouse in Bhaktapur to talk with the women and if you like you can teach a skill of your own. You’ll never forget the experience, their affection is off the charts enchanting.

Best way to help Nepal is to go there and spend rupees giving directly to the locals who need it most. Unlike the big charities who have collected millions and not done anything.

All it takes is getting that plane ticket and saying Yes. And calling/emailing me to let me know you are coming.

We’ll have a customized itinerary based on what you want to do–options include:

Temples in Ancient Bhaktapur, Dream Garden in Kathmandu, Kopan Monastery, Namobuddha Monastery, and Chitwan UNESCO Heritage Park in the jungle.



I’m inviting only 2 amazing participants to join me in Nepal, so let me know now.

Details for October or November 2016, dates are based on when we get the best flights.

Here is what you get:

14 Nights Accommodation and All Ground Transport in Private Car,

All Guidance of Photography, Yoga, and Meditation.

2 people in their own individual rooms $2500 each

2 people sharing one room $4400.

Call or email Mary

808-542-4566 Hawaii Standard Time (3 hours behind PST)

or email me

PS Who am I? I’ve led programs at Apple, Intel, Stanford, University of Hawaii and worldwide.

Nepal will steal your heart – guaranteed.

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What No One Tells You About India

Dalai Lama in India

Dalai Lama in India

Now that I am immersed in no electricity, no TV, no wifi, and no cheese either I have a different perspective.

I can’t dash out to get a cup of brewed coffee right now.

I have to walk far into the sunshine on a winding path through rice fields with buffalo plowing the earth.

I don’t want it that badly.

When I am in the USA I’m reminded that Results are what count. There is no process. We have to succeed and be successful Right Now. But try telling that to butterfly pupas – they are on their way to being butterflies. They will break out and fly.

We forget that.

Before I got my first publishing contract for a book I wrote, Everyday Naked, I wrote for 5 years and didn’t tell anyone about it. I just wrote.

But then I wanted to show my writing to someone other than my dog. So I put together a book proposal and went the Maui Writers Conference where I met my publisher.

Interesting, how a few people reacted when I told them about the book being published. Most people were happy but I also heard, “Did you know someone?” or “I didn’t know you wrote,” which means I didn’t know so how could you be an author all of a sudden.

Because it wasn’t all of a sudden. No one saw me in my room writing every day being in my pupa stage. When it was time to bust out I flew out of my cocoon.

But I was in there for 5 years writing every day.

When I wasn’t writing I was making a living, raising a son, and being married.

Now after a bazillion years of meditating, (OK it’s been 25 years) I still am learning how to do it. Maybe when you try it you’ll get to a more profound level in less time but I’m only just seeing that some how what I was doing before was daydreaming while meditating and I’m very good at daydreaming.

So I’m still in my pupa stage when it comes to meditation. And mindfulness. But one thing I am learning is to be more gentle with myself, and less goal-minded which is difficult to drop. Why?

Because we are supposed to be PhD’s in everything we attempt and this kind of logic takes a while to drop. So thinking of pupas helps. Every one of us is a butterfly in the making. We’re all in this together – we’re all pupas.

It’s easier for me to see this in India where I can happily live without a shiny car and pricey clothes.

You don’t have to go to the Himalayas to see this but it sure helped me to go without my pillows and modern appliances to see that we’re all the same.

And that’s why when the Dalai Lama is out teaching in the world he doesn’t just talk to the luminaries like Richard Gere, he talks to the hotel staff, the old people waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of him, and to the babies who don’t even know it’s him. They’re just playing outside while their parents wait for him.

I’ve seen him do it. And it makes my heart happy. He’s doing it in the above photo, reaching out to us real people on the way to his teaching in India.

I was blessed and grateful to be at the teachings this year in Dharamsala and to have a press pass to photograph the Dalai Lama. The best part of being there was that he directly teaches me to be happy being a pupa, not just a butterfly.

By his example watching him interact with people he shows how to Go Slow and savor the moment.

He reaches out to people and holds their hands reminding me to do the same.





Best Thing to Do on Kauai


Cardinal on Hanalei Bay


Wake up early and listen to birds.

They live in trees. Discover your own private heaven by parking yourself under or near one.

Possible choices: Hanalei Bay at sunrise, Waimea Cottages at sunset.

Be astonished.

It’s the music of angels.

Check out a Waimea Sunset with Birds in the video below.

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