Trust Your Gut


Yes, it’s the guaranteed way to live from your heart.

But it’s not easy. However it is simple.

Have you ever gone against your gut? I have.¬†And it didn’t work out so well.

Years ago I used to buy too much stuff. New clothes, fancy car, and the shoes, oh my.

I over spent and had to turn that wagon around towards reality. But I could have listened when my gut told me NO.

Your gut tells you the truth. And points the way on the path.

It doesn’t always make logical sense. But logic is not final wisdom.

Easy way to hear your truth: go to sleep with the question on your brain and then let it go.

When you wake up, the first feeling that pops into your body is the answer. We feel truth in our bodies before it gets to our brains.


How do you hear your intuition?