10 Reasons to Quit Your Job Now


The Dalai Lama said, “Asians don’t know how to worry.”

He must have noticed that people in the USA are about to have heart attacks from thinking too much.

I have the solution. Quit your job and leave the West behind – spread your wings and fly!

Here’s my list to inspire you:

1.You’ll get younger (not older.) Studies have shown, keep learning
and you won’t age. Those brain cells need revitalizing.

2.Stress kills, quit, and find something you love

3.Go live in another country. It costs less than staying in the USA working.

For example:

My rent per month in 2012 in all the countries I lived in this year:

Belize: $450 for a shack – it was on the Caribbean Sea, folks!

Santa Cruz, Guatemala: $300 for a lovely house with private terrace overlooking, what Aldous Huxley called the most beautiful lake in the world, Lake Atitlan. (utilities included)


Tulum, Mexico: renting a clean basic room on the Yucatan a few kilometers from the sea for $20 per night or if you like rustic, $8 per night for a hostel or camping on the beach, same price. I liked the beach until I got rained out.

Half Moon Bay, California: $600 for 2 weeks for a small 2-room house walking distance to the glorious beach.

Bangkok, Thailand: fully loaded hotel room – AC, own bathroom, king-size bed, wifi in room, proper air flow, quiet and all for $21 per night.

Loei, Thailand in Issan. Room in guesthouse: use of kitchen, wifi in room, fan only, kind family, shared spotlessly clean bathroom, $6 per night.
Chiang Mai, Thailand: Guesthouse $12 per night; wifi in room, AC, fridge, good bed, Quiet.

Pai, Thailand Best Deal of the Year: $200 per month (incl. utilities) for my own house in Pai with a breathtaking view of the sunset, quiet, mountains, hot springs, and clouds floating by (no wifi in the house, no AC, I loved it!)


So the high cost is no longer an issue.

4. Don’t think about it – just dive in. Luangpo my meditation master and spiritual friend in Loei, Thailand says, “You thinking, thinking, you aren’t in Thailand. Look at heart, look at body.” It’s all about the moment.
Anything you have to think about for too long usually doesn’t work.

5. You discover the wonder inside you by slicing off the past.
There is nothing familiar: no anchors to hold on to — you are free floating.
I’m not saying the past is bad. Just that the Past is Over. The Present is where it’s.


Teaching Yoga on the Beach Caye Caulker, Belize

6. What do you live on?
You live on your wits.
You can volunteer and receive room and board.
You can give massages, cook, teach yoga/meditation, English, you can do it!
I currently, teach photography, write and shoot for Vagabond Magazine, and get hired to shoot photographs.
Set up a business for tourists – guiding, teaching.
Run an Internet business
Do the business you are doing now as a consultant from Asia, Belize, or Fez, Morocco.

Teaching Jo, my photography student in Chiang Mai Thailand

Teaching Jo, my photography student in Chiang Mai Thailand

7. “I’ll do it next year” — never happens.
Once you do it – you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

8. OK, you do have to pay back your bills before flying free. So did I.
Now I have one bill: rent for a tiny storage unit in California for my photography/art stuff, china dishes from my Mom, glassware and artifacts.

9. Being free is a choice. Choosing to be happy is also a choice. I choose happiness every day even when I’m feeling bratty.

10. Invest in your self. Rather than the stock market or a house.
Give your self the option of re-inventing yourself. Only you can do it – no one else will do it for you.

Jump in! Don’t think about it. Bathe in the sweet waters of wonder and awe.
Write and tell me what you feel and how you will implement your new plans!

Mary Bartnikowski, pro-photographer, author, and educator from Palo Alto California, down the street from Steve Jobs, sold all her belongings and is shooting, writing, and publishing worldwide. She has led programs at Apple, Stanford University, Intel and globally.

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14 thoughts on 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job Now

  1. I am so happy to know about you. Are you trip alone ? Is there any possible to join with you to trip together ? This is going to be very delightful. Where can I find your trip schedule & any kind of class schedule . Thanks so much for your time .

  2. It would be a dream to leave my job behind but it’s not that easy. Well, it is, I suppose but it’s not easy to re invent yourself. Looking forward to travelling to Hawaii this year. in 2016. Now, there is a place I could live forever. And the island of Arran off the west coast of Scotland. My daughter and myself traveled there in 2015 and we both agreed we could live there!! Beautiful place and friendly folks too.

    • Hi Dan and Aloha, no I don’t ever say it is easy to live this way, but it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I never get bored, I learn new things every day and all of this keeps you young. Many people write me to say traveling and personal reinvention isn’t easy. The fact is: if you want to do it you can do it. I’m here to inspire and educate and I did it so you can too. Yes of course there are trade-offs but I love what I am doing and how I am living. I changed my life to live this way, it didn’t just happen to me. And I don’t believe in luck. I bought my first bikini at age 50, have gone solo by bus thru 6 countries in South America in 6 months, traveled and worked in 32 countries on 2 round the world trips buying one-way tickets along the way with no itinerary and am happy to say I am thrilled I didn’t listen to the people who told me I shouldn’t do it and it won’t be easy or safe. Thanks for writing in.

  3. Hi Mary I have been following you on you tube I have had some what of a spiritual awakening this past year and feel drawn to Hawaii and the ocean. I have lived in Wisconsin all my life 60yrs. and don’t want my story to end there. I am looking at end of summer and I am really hoping you are still there and we could get together and do a photography lesson and maybe coffee you are a beautiful soul. Best Regards

    • ALoha Mary Jo,

      Happy you wrote me. I would love to do a photography lesson with you when you come to Kauai. You would absolutely love it here and you might even end up moving to the island. Lets schedule a time to talk and I can secure a place for you to stay if you like. Or advise you. Your heart is calling you to Hawaii, do let me know when you plan on coming. I will be here until the end of summer – best is to come before the end of August as it is the busiest time of year here on Kauai. Many tourists come then so I recommend coming sooner.

  4. Oh please don’t tell me you are moving on right now I am planing on ending my job here the end of July and moving to Kaui in August and was so hoping to meet you thank you for your response I do need to tighten up my time table your youtube video on not telling any one about your move is so spot on some people are supportive but some are not so much but I know I need to follow my heart, so where will your new adventure take you I am sure I will follow you where ever you may go blessings sweet soul

  5. Hi Mary Jo,

    I love Kauai – it is my home. I did this blog post a while back – when I was in Nepal. I will either be here or off on an adventure. But Kauai is the place I’ve been searching for my entire life. You will love it!

  6. Hi Mary, I’ve been following your youtube channel for some time. I’ve been locked in an office job for past few years that I finally resigned and will be traveling throughout Asia for some time and make my way back to Kauai and the Big Island. I’d love to have coffee with you as I am in a place where I need to re-invent myself and would love to hear your experiences.

  7. Hello, Ms. Mary Inspiration, first thing, thank you for allowing us to enjoy your world adventures on U Tube and other sources. The pressure some followers try to put on you by suggesting following with you on your journeys, seeming to expect you to provide peace, contentment and a LIFE for them is almost pathetic. I admire the way you handle this “imposition” with diplomacy and encouraging words . These clinging sycophants have only been identified by me in recent years while in my late 60s and early 70s. They seek ones caring, entertaining companionship enjoying taking & taking, showing appreciation by making themselves very available , even imposing themselves upon your time and energy. Upon reflection and death of my daughter and later my husband, etc. These “friends ” meandered off when these tragedies happened in my life and my focus on providing dinners, activities & endless hours listening and uplifting them declined. Only then, did I realise my joy was in giving to people & friends with no expectations , until my darkest hours with the loss of my family, and I realized some people shy away when tragedies happen to you. Their reactions have not ruined my openness to friendship but perhaps I am more realistic & aware of the selfishness of people . Perhaps this is innate and i have been a slow to catch on. It is very disappointing. Dear Mary, don’t think I would like you to comment on my observation, secretly, my guess is you may have experienced similar circumstances without tragedies. Meanwhile, my ties to this address is over and with eventual liquidation my plans are to relocate. Fortunately, I have traveled several countries, and the U.S.( by motor home) etc. Budget living is my focus, following you and Hobotraveler for advance visions of travel and new lifestyle. Truly, I am an outdoorswoman, loving your videos from Lake Atitlan (like the weather) and where you are .Would you mind giving us an idea of the costs of your room in your rental house and prices of low cost rentals there in Hawaii? Flew to Honolulu yrs ago but my time was spent in the hospital as my father had a stroke while siteseeing at the volcano. Didn’t see alot, but loved it , folage and flowers, mountains. My dad was able to return to his equine Vet. Practice after the stroke, thankfully. I would expect health costs are high even on retirement medicare . I am in good health despite a horrific auto acc., resulting in titanium rods & screws. What an awful accident you had on the bike, truly a miracle. Did you have travelers ins? Thank you so much, & I look forward to getting some of your books . Keep those videos coming, you can’t imagine what they mean , especially to all of us women. Martha in Ky.

    • Hi Martha,
      Thank you for writing. Yes I do understand what you are saying so eloquently here. And to assist you, Hawaii is not a budget place, it isn’t easy to find a room for under $600 a month sharing with other people. Best thing do is get my Live in Hawaii magazine issue for ipads and iphones here http://apple.co/1UFIDD1
      You can get all my advice on life in Hawaii and make your decision about coming here to start a new life.

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